Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Chicago Marathon

So, February 1st at midnight, the Chicago Marathon opened for registration.  I had recently been going back and forth between rather or not I should Grand Rapids or Chicago.  I couldn't help myself and I impulsively registered for Chicago.  It's just something that I could not pass up.  It's a once in a lifetime event.  Well, I guess I could have done it another year.  But, it's a heck of an event from what I hear.  So, I decided that after Boston and Kalamazoo, I will get a month of maintenance training and then I will hit the training hardcore for Chicago.  I am going to shoot for a sub 2:50 at Chicago.  If I can knock out Boston in under 3, then I think that is a reasonable goal.  I of course will still be tempted to go and do Grand Rapids the next week....maybe I'll do the Half there.  Well, I've got 3 marathons so far to train for this year-super excited, can't wait!

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