Sunday, February 13, 2011

Boston Marathon Training-Week 8

Week 7
40 minutes on spinning bike (hr-130, easy recovery bike ride)
60 minute Full Body Workout (except legs) 
15 minute ab workout

6.25 miles
7:47 pace, heart rate avg. 135
4.15 miles
7:46 pace, heart rate avg. 140 (1% incline)
 Nice and easy recovery runs.  I focussed on form when on the treadmill for the second run of the day.  It was the first run I have done this winter on the tread mill.  I think it is good to do one easy run a week on the treadmill to focus on form and maintaining a consistent pace.

14.50 miles
7:40 avg. mile pace, heart rate avg. 142
I ran this run on the day of the biggest snowstorm of 2011.  Running through all of that snow was quite a challenge.  It was more of a quad workout then anything.  It was something I needed anyway to get my legs all around more strong.

7:36 avg. mile pace, heart rate avg. 142
Easy recovery run
40 minutes on the spinning bike (avg. heart rate 130)
15 minute ab workout

11.22 miles (w/6 miles at 15k to half marathon pace)
7:06 avg. mile pace, heart rate avg. 156

6.22 miles
7:46 avg. mile pace, heart rate avg. 144
15 minute ab workout

20.42 mile run
7:30 avg. mile pace, heart rate avg. 148
This run was somewhat disappointing to me.  I was shooting to run it a bit faster.  I almost wondered if my pacing on my watch was off or something.  I think all of the tough runs have finally caught up with me a bit.  I still managed to run a good pace for this run anyways.  Overall, I have to be satisfied with how my training has progressed thus far.  

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