Sunday, February 13, 2011

Boston Marathon Training-Week 9

Week 9
40 minutes on spinning bike (hr-130, easy recovery bike ride)
60 minute Full Body Workout (except legs) 
15 minute ab workout

6.22 miles
7:47 pace, heart rate avg. 135
4.15 miles
7:46 pace, heart rate avg. 140 (1% incline)
 Nice and easy recovery runs.  I focussed on form when on the treadmill for the second run of the day.  It was the first run I have done this winter on the tread mill.  I think it is good to do one easy run a week on the treadmill to focus on form and maintaining a consistent pace.
15 minute ab workout

15.31 miles
7:25 avg. mile pace, heart rate avg. 149
Long mid week run.  This week had me doing more miles during the week to get my miles in since I was doing less on the weekend due to my marathon pace run on Sunday.
40 minutes on the spinning bike

6.26 miles
7:41 avg. mile pace, heart rate avg. 143
15 minute ab workout

13.27 miles
7:29 avg. mile pace, heart rate avg. 147

7.19 miles (w/6x100 meter strides)
7:28 avg. mile pace, heart rate avg. 145
3 miles (2 miles at 6:40 pace, 1 mile at 5:52 pace-all on a 1% incline)
6:24 avg. mile pace, heart rate avg. 163 
My runs this week have felt somewhat more difficult than in recent weeks, so after  my first run of the day, I went home and stretched and then made my way to the Y.  I rode the bike hardcore for 35 minutes (heart rate was roughly 153 avg.) and then I immediately hopped on the treadmill with my new Nike Zoom's (I absolutely fell in love with these shoes instantly).  I ran the first 2 miles at 6:40 pace and felt pretty good.  I ran the final mile at a 5:52 pace and found out that treadmills do go past 10 mph!  I think I need to just focus mentally more.  I think recently my body and mind have not been flowing well together on my runs.
I followed the 2 runs and biking session with a 30 minute leg and ab workout and then followed that with some stretching and foam rolling.  I just really felt like working out today!

15.02 mile run (12 miles at 6:53 pace)
6:59 avg. mile pace, heart rate avg. 156. 
15 minute ab workout
Today was a huge test for me to really see where I was at.  It was a beautiful day and I actually wore shorts!  I ran the first mile at roughly 7:17 pace.  I then tackled the challenging brutal hilly course that I normally do my long runs on.  I tried to speed up on the downhills, conserve energy and maintain a pretty good pace on the flat parts and bring it on the uphills.  I even managed to maintain a 6:54 pace going up and partially down the most massive hill on the course.  If I had maintained the pace I did for a marathon, I would have run roughly a 3:01 marathon.  This run even came after pushing my legs to excess the day before.  I still have a lot of work to do, but that was a great test.  Next weekend on Saturday, I will challenge myself with my first tune up race of the year.  I am running a Half Marathon in Mt. Pleasant.  I am shooting for anything in the 1:24:30-1:26 range.  Hopefully the weather cooperates so that I can get a good feel for where I'm at.

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