Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Boston Marathon Training-Week 6

Week 6
40 minutes on spinning bike (hr-134, easy recovery bike ride)
60 minute Full Body Workout

40 minutes on spinning bike (hr-133)
8.16 miles w/10 x 100 meter strides
6:46 avg. mile pace, heart rate avg. 159 
This run went great!  I battled through the snow for a good speed workout.
15 minutes ab workout

12.56 miles
7:18 avg. mile pace, heart rate avg. 145
This run went pretty well.  Near mile 8 an old guy fell down in his driveway, so I stopped to help him up.  Luckily he was okay, he was hard to lift though!
40 minutes on spinning bike (hr-131)

50 minute intense spinning class (hr-roughly 160)5.63 miles
7:48 avg. mile pace, heart rate avg. 143 (this was a very snowy day)
15 minute ab workout

11.33 miles
7:32 avg. mile pace, heart rate avg. 148
15 minute ab workout
60 minute full body workout

5.21 miles

8:06 avg. mile pace, heart rate avg. 147
This was an easy recovery.  It was very cold and very snowy.  10 degrees today.
30 minutes on the spin bike, followed by a 30 minute leg strengthening and ab workout

40 minute spin bike workout (hr-134) followed by a 15.12 mile run
7:40 avg. mile pace, heart rate avg. 154
15 minute ab workout
This was supposed to be a bit of a recovery week, however I went absolutely overboard on the biking.  I decided on Sunday that I would opt for a less hilly route then normal and try and battle through the Kal-Haven trail.  That was comical.  Trying to maintain a 9 minute pace was nearly a joke.  I ran a mile and a half on it and then went down some streets I hadn't really run on before.  I ended up running by far the hilliest run of my life.  Right around the turnaround point, I discovered what must be the steepest hill in Kalamazoo and I descended it and then attacked it.  It took me over 4 minutes to climb, so you can image how long that hill is.  The times this week are a bit deceiving due to the heavy snow fall on the streets.  Many of the runs I was powering my way through the white stuff.  Next, week I hit nearly 70 miles and throw in speedwork in addition to this endurance.  I am feeling ready to go.  It is essential that I continue to stretch and foam rolI on a daily basis.

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