Sunday, January 16, 2011

My 2011 Tentative Race Schedule

2011 Races-I have made a tentative race schedule for the year!!
February 19th-Ice Cube Half Marathon (Mt. Pleasant)
March 19th-Shamrock 5k
April 18th-Boston Marathon
May 8th-Kalamazoo Marathon
May 14th-5/3 Riverbank Run 25k*
May 21st-Oaklawn Hospitality Classic 10k and 5k
June 4th-Sunburst Marathon
June 18th-Kalamazoo Klassic 10k and 5k
June 25th-FCA Half Marathon (Ionia)
July 4th-Race for Poverty 10k
August 13-Steve's Red Raider Stomp 10k
August 27th-CRIM 10 miler or North Country Trail Run 50 miler*
September 24th-Peacock Strut 10k and 5k
October 16th-Grand Rapids Marathon
November 13th-Veteran's Marathon*
November 19th-WMU Turkey Trot

Here is my tentative race schedule for 2011.  I am very excited.  I am doing a lot more marathons this year than shorter distance races.  First off on the racing schedule is a half marathon next month in Michigan.  Due to the weather, I don't know what to expect.  If the weather cooperates, it would be nice to set a pr.  I will then take on the Shamrock 5k and attempt to set a 5k pr (I am only running a couple of lone 5ks this year, so this is one of my only chances to do so).  Then, my plan is to dominate Boston in 3:05 or less.  Next up, back to Kzoo for the Kalamazoo Marathon that is less than 3 weeks after Boston.  I normally wouldn't do another Marathon that quick, but how could I turn down my hometown's first Marathon.  So, I am probably going to shoot to do that one in 3:10 or less.  The next week is the Fifth Third River Bank run 25k in Grand Rapids, which depending on how I am feeling from the Marathon, I may skip.  I definitely want to do the Oaklawn 10k and 5k doubler the following weekend and try and PR in the 10k.  I am going to then run the Sunburst Marathon with my buddy Jordan (it's his first marathon) and we are going to run it together at whatever pace he is shooting for.  Next up on the agenda, the brutal Kalamazoo Klassic doubler (the horrible 10k hill, followed by a 5k after).  After that, I will get my only real shot at setting a pr in the Half for the year, since I'm only doing two for the entire year (hopefully I can bust out something in 1:24 or less).  After that, I will have a couple of 10k's to try and set pr's in and prep me for the GR Marathon attempt of under 3 hours.  Near the end of August I will take another stab at the CRIM 10 miler (I really want to run a 50 miler, but I should probably save it for the following year and concentrate on GR however).  I hope to set a pr in the 10 miler and do it in under 1:02, if I have trained well enough, under an hour would be awesome!  After that, one more tune up before the GR Marathon with a doubler at the Peacock Strut.  Then, the GR Marathon!  I really hope to break 3 hours!!!!!  I will then unwind the racing season with a possible Marathon the next month where I will probably shoot for somewhere around 3:05.  Then, I will cap off the racing season with the traditional WMU turkey trot to end the season. Looking forward to all of this:)

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