Saturday, April 23, 2011

Boston Marathon Training-Week 18

Week 18-Race Week
60 minute full body workout (including legs)  
30 minute ab workout
First day of no cardio in over 6 months atleast :(

5.02 miles
7:33 pace
4.02 miles
7:03 pace
30 minute ab workout

7 miles
6:49 pace
30 minute ab workout

5.13 miles
6:59 pace
60 minute light full body workout
30 minute ab workout

40 minute recovery ride (130 hr)
No running for today.
I woke up at 2:40 am and rolled out of bed at 3:30 to workout before the 13 and a half hour drive to Boston

5.08 miles
6:56 pace
20 minute ab workout
It was pitch dark in Burlington, MA as I set out for my run at 4am down the unknown streets as I chose I route I had no clue where it led to.  I ran on the main street which provided some lighting and did 5 mid run short sprints to keep the legs feeling fresh and fast.  We were headed to Boston at 7am to see Kara Goucher so I had to get the run in before that.

4.02 miles
7:33 pace
It was rainy and cold and I chose another random route near the hotel.  This one happened to be quite hilly.  Probably not the best choice before the Boston Marathon, but I ran it at a fairly slow speed.  I showered up after and again we hit the commuter rail for Boston.  1 more day baby!

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