Saturday, April 2, 2011

Boston Marathon Training-Week 15

Week 15
40 minutes on spinning bike (hr-127, easy recovery bike ride)
60 minute full body workout (including legs)  I did a lot of different squat and lunge variations.  I need to start incorporating more leg strengthening exercises in to my workouts.  I just don't want them to negatively impact the speed of my runs.

6.17 miles
7:23 pace
6.30 miles
7:17 pace
Two nice and easy recovery runs.  The pm run was insanely rainy.  It was probably in the mid 30s and was a very cold rain.  I ran right after work with what I brought, which was a cutoff t-shirt and shorts.  I love running in the rain, so I could have cared less.  Nice recovery day.
15 minute ab workout

16.00 miles
7:00 pace
Great mid week long run.  Probably a bit faster than I should have done, but I have been really trying to push the pace a bit now.  I am getting much faster and I think these mid-weeks runs are a huge reason why.
40 minute recovery ride (heart rate avg. 133)
15 minute ab workout

6.13 miles (recovery run on the treadmill)
7:33 pace
I focused on form and maintaining a consistent pace.  This was the longest I have ever run on a treadmill.  I hate treadmills.
60 minute Upper Body Workout

12.25 miles (6 @ 6:38 pace)  
I just really upped the intensity this week.  The weather is getting nicer and a lot of times it just feels better running faster than at my general aerobic pace.  Weird.

8.01 miles (w/6x100 meter strides)
This was a nice run with Jordan.  I ran a bit faster than I anticipated.  JBeezy is looking fast.  I love seeing people improve, it's awesome.
60 minute Upper Body Workout
15 minute ab workout

22.50 miles (2:37:53, that's how long it took)
7:01 pace
15 minute ab workout
77.36 miles for the week (the most I've ever done!)
I decided that I was going to shoot for roughly a 7 minute pace, that is pretty quick for a long run, considering I am thinking of running around 6:45 pace at Boston (maybe quicker now, we'll see).  I really brought the pace in the 2nd half on my typical hilly route.  I could definitely feel my legs getting pretty drained from this one, probably just way too fast for a training run.  Lately, on some of my long runs I've just wanted to go crazy and run like 30 miles.  I think I'm going to after Boston.  This was my longest tune up long run before Boston and I'm feeling good about the possibilities in Boston.  I think I am capable of doing really well.  I just hope I can survive this taper.  I am now so used to running high 60 to mid 70 mile weeks and it's going to be hard running less than that for these next 3 weeks.  I've just got to keep my eyes on the goal.  During this taper it is important that I really watch my caloric intake, which will be hard because I have pretty much just been eating constantly during training, resist the urge to run a ton of miles and/or supplement running with biking and/or weightlifting, and lastly just be good to my body and let it recover and be fully ready to tackle Boston!
The Plan for Boston
Plan A-Sub 3 hours
Plan B-Sub 3 hours
Plan C-Sub 3 hours

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