Sunday, December 26, 2010

Boston Marathon Training-Week 2

Week 2
30 minutes on spinning bike
60 minute Bicep, Tricep, and Leg workout

8.06 miles w/10 x 100 meter strides
6:53 avg. mile pace, heart rate avg. 154
60 minute Chest, Back, and Shoulder workout (pulled something in my back pretty bad, hurt for several days....took several days off from lifting)
15 minute Ab workout

12.17 miles (medium long run on the snow covered Kal-Haven trail; trudging through all that snow slowed my pace, but that's to be expected)
7:54 avg. mile pace, heart rate avg. 147

5.06 miles (recovery)
7:28 avg. mile pace, heart rate avg. 145
60 minute Leg and Ab workout

9.02 miles (ran in shorts, I always say if it's 30 or above, no pants haha)
7:00 avg. mile pace, heart rate avg. 148
15 minute Ab workout

(Christmas-one of my only chances to run down Westnedge, so I surely capitalized on that opportunity)
5.18 miles
7:25 avg. mile pace, heart rate avg. 140

17.16 miles (after the previous day of stuffing myself, I thought this run was going to be horrible, I was wrong)
very hilly course (one hill was a steady incline for well over a mile)
7:25 avg. mile pace, heart rate avg. 146
15 minute Ab workout

56.65 miles total for the week

This week I toned it down a bit on the time in the gym.  I am probably going to drop down to 3 days a week normally in the gym and do more full body workouts.  As the mileage increases, it becomes more and more difficult to get to the gym and bring enough intensity.  Also, I gave cycling a break as well, as I spent a lot of time with the family over the holidays.  With the holidays in full swing, my eating hasn't been like it usually is, but I am getting back on track now that Christmas is over.

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