Monday, October 21, 2013

A New Phase of Euphoria: The blood is flowing and I feel the adrenaline!

Man, it sure feels good to be back running.  After 4 months without it, it sure feels good to get those legs moving again.  Besides that, I definitely have much more of an appreciation for the sport.  You definitely notice that you take some things for granted when you aren't able to do them all the time.  But while being laid up, I now realize how lucky I am to be able to run. 

Yesterday, I was running around the track at a nearby middle school in Jackson.  This was my second run back and the beginning of my recovery/base building, as I get back into the running routine again.  As I rounded the track, with headphones on (listening to Keith Urban's new cd: Fuse), I looked up at the sky covered in an abundance of clouds, as the sun shined through.  It was that moment that I felt that Euphoria. That rush.  That amazing feeling that you only get through running.  I also reflected on how much I have been through physically and mentally this past year in regards to my injuries.  I felt accomplishment, for persevering through 2 surgeries and the mental drain on not being able to run.  Running is especially good for releasing stress, so I had to find other ways.  But, throughout it all, I was here on this beautiful day, alive and well, and onto a new phase.

This got me to thinking, as I have had much time to do over the past year.  Where do I go from here?  What are my goals?  How can I achieve those goals?  What do I have to prove?  Should I stop running marathons?  Ultras?  So many questions, lots of time to reflect and think.

I had a lot of things to consider as far as how I should go about returning to running.  I wasn't sure if I should even consider dabbing back into Ultras ever.  Was my training philosophy part to blame?  Would I be better off just "running recreationally"?  I knew deep down I couldn't live with that one.  I knew I had so much more to prove to myself.  Nobody else but myself.  My potential goes so deep, deeper than anyone but I know.  Do I dream of running 50 milers and 100 milers still?  Sure.  Definitely.  I know there will be a time and place for those to come, but that time is not now.  Right now, I just want to concentrate on getting my body healthy and strong.  Once it is healthy and strong, I then want to get stronger and fast.  Once I get fast, I want to get faster.  My main goals now involve laying the groundwork for solid marathon performances.  I've run a 2:46 before, but I know that is way short of what I am capable of. 

The remainder of the year will test my patience, as I allow my body to slowly buildup miles and getting stronger each day with my training regimen.  Hopefully by the end of the year I will have a decent base (I'm shooting for around 30 miles a week at that point).  From there I can consider training for something; possibly a half marathon in the spring, and maybe a marathon in the fall.  All I know is that when I return, I want to return much, much faster than I ever was before.  There's a hell of a lot more euphoria to experience, and I am eager to let it shine through.....

Check out this healthy meal that Nicole and I baked up last night.  We tweaked the recipe.  Doubled it.  Added 2 scoops of Muscle Milk protein and 1/4 cup of Flax Seed.  Can't beat it for a healthy morning breakfast throughout the week, snack, or workout recovery.

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