Sunday, March 13, 2011

Boston Marathon Training-Week 12

Week 12
50 minutes on spinning bike (hr-125, easy recovery bike ride)
60 minute upper body workout
15 minute ab workout

10.20 miles (w/6 x 600m repeats at 5k pace)
6:56 overall pace, heart rate avg. 150
15 minute ab workout

15.33 miles
7:19 pace, heart rate avg. 141
40 minute recovery bike ride (heart rate avg. 133)

6.27 miles
7:24 pace, heart rate avg. 138
5.10 miles (treadmill, focused on form and maintaining a consistent pace)
7:30 pace heart rate avg. 138
60 minute upper body workout
15 minute ab workout

5.11 miles
7:35 pace, heart rate avg. 136
60 minute intense leg and ab workout

8.29 miles 
6:19 pace, heart rate avg. 177
This workout went very well.  I ran the hills of Schuring and some hills on side streets nearby.  I was supposed to do a race between 10k and 15k today.  Since, I  couldn't find one, I tried my best to race at a pace similar to that of a race.
60 minute upper body workout
20.41 miles
7:07 pace, heart rate avg. 148
Great run today.  I could have easily maintained this pace for a full marathon.  I had to hold back quite a bit, because I wanted to go faster.  I love running a good 20 miles; there's nothing I enjoy more.  This was a good indicator of where I am right now in my training.  I am definitely well on my way to a sub 3 hour Marathon.

Weekly total=70.41 miles

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