Sunday, November 21, 2010


Hey Family and Friends!  I decided that I would make a blog that I could update on a continual basis to keep everyone up to date on my training and races as well as anything else important I've got going on.  I just finished up an awesome year of racing, I couldn't have asked for a more successful season.  This past Saturday I participated in WMU's annual Turkey Trot which also happened to be the first race that I ever did-3 years ago.  To look back on how far I've come since then truly perplexes me.  I couldn't have gotten to where I have gotten as a runner without the inspiration of others, family and friends for support, and my relentless ambitions to push the boundaries further.

I am going to use this blog in the future so that you can all see the effort I put into my training, the lead up to my big races and just as a way to follow and see how I'm doing.  As many of you may know, I just recently qualifed for the Boston Marathon this past October, by running a 3:10:24 at the Grand Rapids Marathon.  When I began running, I had a goal of completing a marathon and even as I got quicker this year, it never even entered my mind that I would be able to achieve something that difficult.  However, the faster I started getting at shorter races, the more my confidence grew.  The day before the race, I officially decided that I would make a go for it and try and qualify for Boston.  Up until that day, the fastest marathon I ever ran was a 3:25 (7:50/mile).  I paced myself well and had enough left in the end to power me through the finish line with just 35 seconds to spare.  Luckily I registered for Boston the next day, because it filled up in 8 hours and 7 minutes.  Unbelievable.

Now, I have my sights set on even bigger goals.  I am going to officially begin training for Boston next month and I am going to state right now that "it is my goal to run Boston in 3 hours and 5 minutes".  Many of you may not know, but not only is Boston perhaps the most prestiguous Marathon, it is also one of the most difficult.  The course is a daunting task, with hills entwined the entire way which can leave you absolutely spent once you get to Heartbreak hill near the 20 mile mark.  But, I believe with hard work I can still achieve that goal.  In fact I have created a list of goals for the 2011 racing season which are as follow:
1.  Run the Boston Marathon
2.  Run a sub 3 hour marathon at Grand Rapids next October
3.  Run a half marathon in under 1:23
4.  Run a 10k in under 36 minutes
5.  Run a 5k in under 17:30
6.  Run the CRIM 10 miler in under 1:02
7.  Complete 5 marathons
8.  Inspire others to start and continue running

Well, I want to again thank anyone and everyone who has supported me directly and indirectly.  I couldn't have done what I have without you and I wouldn't be able to do what I'm going to do without you.  2010 Race Results Below.

Go Run,

2010 Race Results 
Shamrock 5k-18:28 (pr)
Borgess Half Marathon-1:27:41 (pr)
Fifth Third River Bank 25k(15.5 miles)-1:45:13 (pr)
Oaklawn Hospitality Classic 10k-38:12 (pr)
Dexter Ann Arbor Half Marathon-1:27:52
Cereal City Classic 5k-18:15 (pr)
Kalamazoo Klassic 10k-39:21
Kalamazoo Klassic 5k-19:20
Race for Poverty 10k-38:38
Steve's Red Raider Stomp 10k-39:12
CRIM 10 miler-1:04:46 (pr)
Peacock Strut 10k-38:43
Peacock Strut 5k-19:06
Grand Rapids Marathon-3:10:24 (pr)
Road Hawg 10k-37:36 (pr)
WMU Turkey Trot 5k-18:54 (course pr) It's hilly and I ran over a girl at the finish line haha

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